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develop your data literacy

Get the basics. Then make data work for you.

DataLit is an online learning experience designed to build your fundamental level of data literacy, so you can then tackle the bigger picture and take action to ensure that data makes an impact across your organisation.
Part 1: Understand data
You'll start by building foundational knowledge that helps you define data, identify the kinds of data you work with, explain what's behind the interest in data, analyse the ways data is changing your world, and discover 10 questions you need to answer to lead change.
Part 2: Interact with data
In part two you will deepen your knowledge and learn how data creates value, discover how people and technology combine to make data useful, understand the role of new technologies and identify your role as a leader in creating the conditions for data to make an impact.
Part 3: Make an impact with data
Part three is your chance to start applying your new knowledge to define your data strategy, to use a framework to understand data skills, to identify the role of data culture in changing businesses, and to lists ways to avoid harmful impacts.

How you'll learn

Develop your data literacy and take practical action by applying our exclusive BASE methodology


Build fundamental knowledge online through clear explainers, stories and illustrations. Validate what you know through quizzes.


Apply your new knowledge through guided activities and analyses, documented on templates.


Step into new practices and mindsets by following personalised development and action plans.


Evidence your data literacy through a course certificate and by sharing insights with colleagues.

What's different about DataLit Leaders?

According to research, only 7.5 per cent of companies face technology-related obstacles when implementing Data and AI initiatives. Instead, it’s cultural issues – such as people and processes – that represent the bulk of the challenge today.

The problem is that most data skills programmes focus on hyped-up tech, like AI or analytics. To address the wider cultural needs of your business you need a more fundamental level of data literacy before you tackle the bigger picture and take action to ensure that data makes an impact across your organisation.

The DataLit Leaders course addresses the fundamentals.

By focusing on fundamental understanding DataLit Leaders helps you differentiate between the hype and the reality, then find the domain of data that will make you more effective in your role. 

DataLit Leaders offers you a chance to apply your unique values and experiences to shape how you want to work with data.

It’s not about turning you into something you’re not. It’s about looking at how data can make an impact on what you already do. It’s about helping you shape your future your way. 


Who else is DataLit?

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